Qualitative or Quantitative? Why not both?

“We look at companies through independent fundamental and quantitative lenses, because we see strength in incorporating two different signals into our decision-making,” says Jeff Bradacs, portfolio manager at Picton Mahoney Asset Management.

The pandemic ‘shecession’ showed the impact of career breaks on women’s savings journeys — how can employers help them catch up?

“Compared to men, women are found to be more risk averse and have lower levels of financial literacy overall — and this definitely influences their attitude towards saving. We need to improve investment returns on women’s retirement savings by implementing non-conservative default investment options.”

What role can investment managers play in the climate transition?

“The road to climate transition has become the focal point of several sectors over the past few years, and the financial sector is no exception.”

Surviving the hurricane: What happened in the quant market?

“We have built our own proprietary risk model, which served us well last year because we believe it’s better at predicting risks for our strategies than off-the-shelf risk models.”

What is driving increased investor interest in ESG?

“As a tangible consequence of COVID-19, we think investors will increasingly pay attention to companies’ social performance – particularly, issues around human capital and business continuity.”

Do good to do better

“High visibility in the news and in social media means environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues can have a significant impact on stock and bond prices. Investment Insights asked MFS how ESG analysis is integrated into their investment process to help identify companies with the potential to achieve best possible risk-adjusted returns.”

Is real estate on your radar?

“Exposure to global direct real estate and listed REITs can diversify plans and provide income that boosts total returns — and both asset types are available to both small and large plans. Learn more about the benefits, risks and institutional investing trends from Invesco Real Estate's Tracey Luke, senior director and client portfolio manager, and Darin Turner, managing director and portfolio manager.”