Nearly half (45 per cent) of U.S. workers say their employer isn’t investing in employee connection, according to a new survey by Eagle Hill Consulting.

The survey, which polled more than 1,300 workers, found employees believe feeling connected to their work improves their ability to do their job (60 per cent), day-to-day work quality (58 per cent), desire to go above and beyond (55 per cent) and ability to serve clients (47 per cent).

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Half (48 per cent) of employees said connection to their work impacts their decision to stay or leave their job, while a similar percentage (47 per cent) said it impacts their career development.

“What we are seeing is that organizations are looking too narrowly at employee connection, defining it only in terms of employee relationships,” said Melissa Jezior, president and chief executive officer of Eagle Hill Consulting, in a press release.

“Employee connection is so much more than hosting happy hours and social events. Instead, employers should take a bigger picture strategic view. Employee connection is about fostering a workplace where employees feel connection not just to people, but also to their work, organization and culture.”

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