Roughly a fifth (19 per cent) of employees aged 55 and older say they’ve experienced deliberate exclusion in the workplace, according to a new survey by CareerWallet.

By comparison, it found just 10 per cent of employees aged 25 and younger said they’ve experienced exclusionary behaviour at work.

In addition, nearly a third (32 per cent) of employees aged 55 and older said they experience some form of bullying in the workplace, which was higher than any other age group. Other disturbing experiences cited by older workers include inappropriate comments (24 per cent), offensive comments (19 per cent) and sexist behaviour (13 per cent).

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“Our new workplace survey highlights that older employees are not only getting ignored and excluded, but are also experiencing bullying from colleagues and managers,” said Craig Bines, chief executive officer of the CareerWallet Group, in a press release. “This shows a fundamental cultural problem within [many] businesses that simply aren’t utilizing the most experienced and valuable employees or giving them the respect they deserve.”