Blue Cross, SSQ latest sponsors of digital mental-health program

Blue Cross and SSQ Life Insurance Co. Inc. are the latest insurers to join as sponsors of MindBeacon Group’s Stronger Minds, a free digital program available for all Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to guidance from Beacon’s team of clinical psychologists, the platform offers resources focused on resilience building, videos and quick reads from mental-health experts. Unlike one-to-one therapy, no clinical assessment is required to participate.

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“With our team of clinical psychologists, along with trusted national health and wellness advocates, our organization is dedicated to helping people strengthen their resiliency and manage through unique emotional challenges stirred by the pandemic crisis,” said Sam Duboc, chair and chief executive officer of MindBeacon Group, in a press release. “Canada is in this together, and we’re wholeheartedly committed to helping Canadians protect their mental well-being so they can successfully face every day as it comes.”

SSQ is currently offering MindBeacon Group’s digital cognitive behavioural therapy services through its group benefits plans. “And now SSQ Insurance has decided to join forces with the Stronger Minds program and contribute to the development of this innovative tool, which meets a real need in society, given the new reality we are currently facing,” said Éric Trudel, senior vice-president of strategy and product management at SSQ, in a release.

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