Google is enforcing its hybrid working policy by tying required in-office days to employee performance reviews.

In an internal email, the company said it would consider office attendance when reviewing employees who don’t come into the office a minimum of three days per week, according to a report by Fortune. The company also said it will only consider allowing fully-remote working arrangements in exceptional cases.

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“Our employees have been in our hybrid work model for over a year now — spending three days a week in the office and the other two working from home,” said Google spokesperson Ryan Lamont in the report. “It’s going well and we want to see Googlers connecting and collaborating in person, so we’re limiting remote work to exception only.”

Google first started asking employees to work onsite three days per week in 2022, following two years of remote working.

Meanwhile, Salesforce Inc. is applying a different tactic to entice workers back to the office. Fortune reported the technology company is planning to donate $10 to a local charity for each day an employee works onsite between June 12 and June 23.

Last December, the organization — which was one of the first technology companies to let employees work from anywhere — mandated that some sales staff who live near offices return to work at these locations Tuesdays through Thursdays.

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