Mercer rolling out all-in-one well-being platform

Mercer is launching an all-in-one digital platform that gives employees access to a variety of wellness vendors to support their physical, mental, financial or social well-being.

Mercer 365, which will be rolled out in January 2020, allows employers to offer their staff benefits through an online, self-serve platform. It will also include access to benefits utilization and engagement reports, so they can measure the effectiveness of the benefits spend.

The platform includes access to 14 service and health-care providers, including MediResource Inc., SSQ Life Insurance Co. Inc., LIFT Digital inc. and SilverCloud Health Ltd. It also includes health assessment tools and a wide range of well-being options, such as telemedicine, fitness and nutrition coaching, chronic disease management support, stress and anxiety coaching and sleep disorder solutions.

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Julie Duchesne, leader of Mercer Marsh Benefits for Canada, says one of the goals of the new platform is to engage more with employees so they feel more engaged with their employers.”It’s going to help them manage their costs overall because, if their employee population is more healthy, it’s going to cost less in their benefit program. It’s . . . proactive benefits management.

“If you ask employers for their top priorities — and this is pretty consistent around Canada — it’s pretty much all around cost containment and attracting and retaining [employees],” she adds. “And when you ask employees what they’re looking for, employees are saying that wellness is a really big component of what they’re looking for from their employers. ”

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