Organon Canada’s ‘HER Professional Journey’ initiative is addressing women’s unique health experiences, including fertility, parental leave and menopause, so they can feel supported and empowered in the workplace at every stage of their career.

The program, which is led by an employee resource group, helps the organization to further advocate for women and help make gender equity in the workplace an industry standard, says Litsa Spiridonakos, Organon Canada’s director of human resources.

“Our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion is embedded into our company values and we’re proud to continue to further this commitment through HER Professional Journey and other initiatives.”

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It’s important that employers provide a range of holistic support to female employees throughout their entire career and health journey, she says, including benefits that address moments such as pregnancy, caregiving and menopause. In addition, dismantling unconscious biases like the ‘broken rung’ — where women face barriers to advancement at the entry level — is crucial to achieving an equitable workplace.

“We’ve found that creating a safe environment where employees feel empowered to be open about what works for them has been key, whether it’s taking advantage of flexible work arrangements . . . or participating in our mentorship programs. These, along with strong male allyship and initiatives to mitigate unconscious biases, are examples of support that can empower women and foster an inclusive workplace culture for all employees.”

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Organon Canada believes investing in women’s careers is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also good for business, adds Spiridonakos. According to a 2023 report by McKinsey & Company, companies in the top quarter for gender diversity were 39 per cent more likely to financially outperform their peers and competitors.

“Employers have a unique opportunity to effect positive change by championing gender equity within their organization and normalizing conversations on topics that were traditionally viewed as taboo in the workplace. It’s through collective participation that we will truly see the paradigm shift.”

Organon Canada is also continuing to invest in a range of programs and grants that increase awareness of women’s health. To support this work, the company is dedicating funding to unrestricted and independent grants that will focus on menopause education for health-care professionals across the country.

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