Redbrick is highlighting diversity, equity and inclusion through employee-led discussions and education sessions, beginning with a focus on Black History Month in February.

The Victoria, B.C.-based technology company is currently revamping its DEI strategy, which includes an internal network called ‘DRIVE’ — short for diversity, reconciliation, inclusivity, visibility and equity, says Basil Onyia, senior people and culture specialist at Redbrick.

“Within this network we’re looking at internal and external factors, as well as our future in the space of DEI, and then tying all that to our company’s values. The goal is to educate, enlighten and create an environment where everyone can belong. And we also want to foster psychological safety with our employees and clients as a whole.”

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To kick off DRIVE, Redbrick is expanding its employee-led monthly collective learning initiative to open up the conversation around certain DEI topics. The first learning collective was held earlier this month with a focus on Black History Month.

“We decided to start with some of the history because I find when I ask people about the subject they recognize historic figures, but [they’re not necessarily clear] on how or why it started,” notes Onyia. “We wanted to connect our U.S. and Canadian companies with the theme of networking . . . [tied to a discussion around] the Underground Railroad. With these discussions we’re talking about the effects of Black history, then looking to the future and tying it in with what we as a company can do in our communities.”

He adds while the company wants to ensure there’s intentionality behind the month itself, it intends to continue its DEI journey throughout the year, not just in February.

“What we’re focused on right now is building an outlet that sparks dialogue and organic initiatives. The goal is to create initiatives and conversations that can bring Redbrick and its companies together under one umbrella, because it’s hard for each company to go on this DEI journey separately. We have companies in Canada and the U.S. that are in different stages regarding DEI. So we want to make sure everyone can have an equal seat at the table and go on this journey together.”

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