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Starbucks Corp. is offering all of its Canadian retail employees three temporary paid sick days from April 19 to Sept. 25.

The move comes after Ontario announced a similar three-day sick leave policy that would reimburse employers up to $200 a day for what they pay out.

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Starbucks said the paid sick days will be in addition to its other coronavirus pandemic supports, which include up to two hours of paid time off for each dose of the coronavirus vaccine and up to four hours of paid leave to recover from the vaccine’s side-effects. Other Canadian employers that have pledged to give employees paid time off to receive the vaccine include Canada Goose, Staples Canada Inc. and Urban Nature Store.

Starbucks will also raise its starting barista rate to $0.25 above provincial minimum wages starting May 31. The company said all hourly baristas, shift supervisors and café attendants will receive at least a five per cent increase.

The company also recently introduced a pandemic relief grant of up to $500 for employees facing financial hardship and extended self-isolation pay through the fourth quarter of 2021. And last August, Starbucks introduced a wellness app for Canadian employees and their families.

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