Conference Coverage: 2019 DC Investment Forum

On Sept. 27, the 2019 Defined Contribution Investment Forum delved into the latest trends in behavioural finance and DC plan member engagement, as well as new perspectives on investment opportunities and risk and performance considerations.

Here’s what you missed!

Seeking better risk levels by adding alternatives to DC plans
A defined contribution plan sponsor’s strategic decisions around asset allocation are far more influential to the performance of the pension portfolio than security selection or timing investments. Read more

U.S. lessons for Canadian DC pension plans 
Defined contribution plan sponsors have a tough job. Read more

Are automatic DC plan features affecting the pension gender gap?
With cohorts in the workforce behaving differently as they prepare for retirement, it’s important for plan sponsors to consider these differences along gender and generational lines. Read more

Fundamental reasons for adding alternatives to DC pension portfolios
There are two fundamental reasons for including alternatives in a defined contribution pension portfolio. Read more

A look at how the legal landscape for DC pension plans is changing
Defined contribution plan sponsors are facing challenges that will shape the nature of their legal obligations to employees. Read more

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