Idaho lawmakers are calling for a ban on investments in environmental, social and governance compliant companies by its state pension funds.

Proposed by Republican State Senator Steve Vick, the bill would bar the state’s public sector pension plans from investing in companies that have made any ESG commitments. In its second reading, the bill received the support of 57 of the state senate’s 70 members.

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According to Vick, companies that make ESG pledges beyond those required by law are taking actions hostile to Idaho’s values. While the vote was split almost entirely along party lines, with 57 Republicans in favour of it and all 12 Democrats voting against it, one Republican senator abstained from the vote.

The bill, which is expected it be passed during its final reading by both of Idaho’s Republican dominated legislatures, is likely to become law before the end of 2022. A similar piece of proposed legislation would prohibit investment in companies that boycott part of the energy, fossil fuel, mining, intensive agriculture and timber trade industries.

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