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The agreement on remote and flexible work between public sector workers and the federal government could set the stage for future union negotiations, according to labour experts. “We’re basically entering a brand new phase of what we talk about in collective agreements, which includes workers’ autonomy over their time,” says Armine Yalnizyan, an economist and […]

Over the past three years, employers around the globe have been facing unprecedented levels of change, driving innovative thinking as they transform their workplace policies and programs to meet the evolving needs of employees. Is your organization at the forefront of this change? Are you stepping up your financial wellness initiatives to help employees through […]

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  • April 28, 2023 April 27, 2023
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Nearly three years have passed since the coronavirus pandemic became a household name. In some ways, March 11, 2020 — the day the World Health Organization declared the global pandemic — feels like yesterday, but in others, it feels like decades ago. In the days, weeks and months since then, the world has irreversibly changed […]

After nearly three years mired in the coronavirus pandemic, employers are beginning to put the pieces of their respective workplaces back together, using wellness as the cornerstone. They’re shaping their respective new ways of working — whether remote, in-office or hybrid — and expanding their thinking around wellness to achieve a successful return to a […]

As the coronavirus crisis moves into an endemic phase, employers are diligently rebuilding their workplaces to suit the new working environment that’s emerged from this cataclysmic disruption. In the meantime, Canadians are facing the rising cost of living and trying to balance the responsibilities in their work and family lives. In the face of all […]


The autumn is typically a busy one for the industry, but this year was especially eventful over at Benefits Canada. After a brief hiatus, the long-standing Healthy Outcomes Conference returned in October. This year, it was an in-person event designed for employers to exchange ideas and best practices for achieving improved employee health outcomes. Nearly […]

Over the last three centuries, society has been living in a repetitive cycle featuring large and substantial reset moments. To think of these as historical blips is a mistake, said Leonard Brody, an Emmy-nominated business visionary, during the keynote session at Benefits Canada‘s 2022 DC Plan Summit. He urged delegates to think about the causations […]


As the days grow warmer and Canada’s gradual seasonal shift steers toward spring, employers across the country are finally implementing their longstanding and much-delayed plans for returning to in-person offices or worksites — despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is deep into a sixth wave. It’s important to recognize that the workplaces we’re returning […]