Allstate targets employee mindfulness, finances in January well-being programs

Building on a wellness program that covers employees’ overall well-being, Allstate Insurance Co. of Canada is introducing a trio of programs in January.

“January can be a stressful and a tough month for many,” says Adrianne Sullivan-Campeau, the organization’s vice-president of human resources. “So you’re coming down from the holiday high, you have large bills coming in from your holiday purchases, and we believe that physical, nutritional and financial wellness all interconnect. When we feel stressed about one aspect, it can impact our overall well-being. Our programs are really intended to touch on all of those aspects of wellness.”

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First, Allstate is launching a mindfulness program at the end of January. In addition to emailing weekly tips and advice to all employees, the human resources team is also uploading meditation exercises to the company intranet site to encourage staff to take a break at any point during the day. 

“It is an individual initiative but that doesn’t preclude employees from getting together as teams and participating, if that’s what they feel comfortable with,” says Sullivan-Campeau.

The timing of the mindfulness program aligns with February’s Heart Month, which brings attention to the importance of cardiovascular health. “We really recognize that a healthy and calm mind often leads to a healthy heart,” adds Sullivan-Campeau.

Also in January, Allstate is following up on the seminar and resources it provided to employees in November during Financial Literacy Month. The program offers tips and advice, via email and the company intranet, to reinforce the previous learning and help people to stay on track with their financial goals.

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“Again, this time of the year can be hard, as many people are faced with large holiday bills rolling in,” says Sullivan-Campeau. “We’ll provide advice on how to sustain your financial goals, even when money might be tight.”

And on Jan. 25, the human resources team is hosting a webinar for all employees on setting goals. “This seminar will cover topics like defining your goals, creating a vision for what you want to accomplish, the steps you should take to help you achieve your goals and the common pitfalls and how to avoid them.”

All of the programs will be available to Allstate’s 2,400 employees in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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