Canada ranks No. 9 among the top 10 countries with the best work-life balance, according to a new report by Remote Technology Inc.

The report examined 60 countries and assessed factors such as minimum wage, sick leave, maternity leave, health-care availability, public happiness, average working hours and LGBTQ2S+ inclusivity.

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New Zealand ranked at No. 1 for work-life balance with a score of 79.4. The top 10 also included Spain (75.6), France (75.3), Australia (73.7), Denmark (73.7), Norway (73), Netherlands (69.1), the U.K. (69.1) and Brazil (67.7). The U.S. ranked No. 53, mainly due to a lack of statutory annual leave and sick pay and the absence of a universal health-care system.

Canada received an overall work-life balance score of 67.9 out of 100 due to factors such as universal health care, as well as paid maternity and sick leave. It also ranked as the No. 1 LGBTQ2S+ friendly country in which to live and work, with a score of 90 out of 100, and the No. 1 international destination for working professionals due to its high quality of life, safety and a multitude of leisure opportunities.

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