Walmart Canada partnering with Thrive Global on employee well-being program

Walmart Canada Corp. is partnering with Thrive Global’s employee well-being program.

The program will offer behaviour-change resources and solutions to Walmart Canada’s 100,000 employees, ranging from frontline store associates and associates to C-suite executives and senior management leaders.

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The Huffington Post co-founder, Ariana Huffington, created Thrive Global to equip corporate leaders and associates across organizations with the tools to lead with emotional intelligence and leverage the connection between well-being and productivity, noted a press release. As well, company leadership teams learn strategies to identify and address stress triggers before they become symptoms, helping participants to model and encourage well-being practices that foster long-term cultural impact.

“The pandemic has brought a magnifying glass to the mental-health crisis. It’s real and Walmart is taking it very seriously. Our goal is to evolve the narrative and experience of workplace well-being and contribute to a societal movement that changes the expectations and norms for everyone,” said Nabeela Ixtabalan, Walmart Canada’s executive vice-president of people and corporate affairs, in the release.

“As we continue along our well-being journey, providing our associates with the best resources and engaging platforms is vital. Together, we will make a difference.”

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The partnership combines Thrive’s behaviour change capabilities, intellectual property and digital products with Walmart Canada’s focus on associate health in order to achieve even greater and long-term impact for its associates, noted the release. Additionally, the Thrive ZP app will connect the organization’s participants through a community where they can share their stories, support each other and celebrate success. It also provides incentives to encourage participants as they build long-lasting healthier habits, particularly in the fitness, food, family, money, sleep and gratitude areas.

“This pandemic represents an unprecedented opportunity to redefine how we work. At Thrive Global, we’ve responded by enriching and scaling our behaviour change technology platform — aimed at helping people reduce stress and build mental resilience — to hundreds of thousands of people around the world,” said Huffington in the release.

“We are thrilled to be launching with Walmart Canada and partnering with their forward-thinking leaders who realize that now more than ever, it is imperative to prioritize the mental health and well-being of their associates, who have been stepping forward and providing a critical lifeline to their communities this year.”

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