Five questions with CPPIB’s Poul Winslow

From thematic investing to the creation of a new long-term value creation global index, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has been using its considerable $264.6 billion heft to help foster long-termism in global capital markets.

Benefits Canada‘s companion site, Canadian Investment Review, talked to Poul Winslow, managing director, head of thematic investing and external portfolio management at the CPPIB, about the new index, the challenges of manager selection and the top risks big investors face in the market today.

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The questions were:

  1. As a thematic investor, what are the top global thematic opportunities you see right now?
  2. What are the key challenges you think long-term investors face today when it comes to hiring external managers? What criteria should they look for?
  3. You recently introduced a new index at Davos. Can you define what it is and how it will help investors? What underlying characteristics could it perform differently or better than other indices? Is it riskier?
  4. How do you determine what companies should be in the index?
  5. What is the top risk in the market you see right now that you are keeping an eye on?

Find out how Winslow answered these questions in his discussion with Canadian Investment Review.