Five questions with OPTrust’s James Davis

As part of a new series of interviews in Benefits Canada‘s companion publication, the Canadian Investment Review, Caroline Cakebread sat down with the OPSEU pension plan’s chief investment officer James Davis to ask five key questions about what the fund is working on right now and what big risks are facing investors today.

The questions were:

  1. OPTrust is focused on moving asset management in house. Why and what are the challenges?
  2. Warren Buffet recently blasted 30-year bonds. How have pension funds, including OPTrust, responding to challenges in the bond space? And do 30-year bonds still make sense for them?
  3. OPTrust recently stepped up its commitment to smart beta. Why? And is overhyped?
  4. What’s the No. 1 risk you see brewing in the market today?
  5. Inflation or deflation or reflation? What is it?

Find out how Davis answered these questions on Benefits Canada’s companion site, Canadian Investment Review.