Nearly half (46 per cent) of Canadian employees say they’re very happy with their current role and responsibilities at work, according to a new survey by Maru Public Opinion and ADP Canada.

The survey, which polled more than 1,200 employees, found the national work happiness score for March is 6.7 out of 10.

Workers in Quebec had the highest happiness score (seven out of 10), followed by those in British Columbia (6.9), Alberta (6.8), Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Atlantic Canada (6.7 each) and Ontario (6.5). Across generations, respondents’ happiness scores varied slightly, with baby boomers reporting the highest score (7.3), followed by generation Z (6.8), millennials (6.7) and generation X (6.6).

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“We spend a significant portion of our lives at work or thinking about work, so happiness in the
workplace is paramount to our overall well-being,” said Holger Kormann, president of ADP Canada president. “Not only are happy workers typically more productive, engaged and successful, but a workplace environment that is conducive to happiness can positively impact other important aspects of our lives.”