Big Bang ERP Inc. is marking Giving Tuesday by encouraging its employees to volunteer in their communities through a paid day for volunteering.

The initiative is part of the consulting firm’s SoWell committee, which encourages employees to organize team volunteer outings focused on wellness and social interaction.

Anna Romanowski, corporate development manager at Big Bang, says the company saw this as an opportunity for personal development among employees. “We thought it would be good for employees to get outside of their usual context of sitting at their computer and working with clients. We have a lot of young employees who make very good salaries, so I think it’s helpful to put things into perspective . . . and for them to [interact] with people who maybe didn’t have those same opportunities.”

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The paid day off also helps with employee well-being, because it provides a unique opportunity for team building and allows everyone to connect with their peers in a positive way, she adds. “I think more and more people are valuing companies that aren’t just focused on profit, but really on doing good for their community. From a value standpoint, that’s the type of people we want to reach. So if they see [giving back] is important to our company and we’re putting our money where our mouth is, it should help us recruit the right talent.”

Other employers can give back to their communities by offering free services or discounts for non-profit organizations, suggests Romanowski, noting Big Bang assists non-profits through employees volunteering to provide information technology support.

“It’s about creating a positive impact in our community. We hire from these communities, it’s where we get our talent. The [volunteer] program is a small action we can take as a company to give one day a year where we do something completely outside of our scope of business and more for the community. I think that’s what GivingTuesday is all about.”

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