Quebec-based consulting firm Big Bang ERP Inc. is supporting employee well-being through a focus on social and personal wellness, as well as enhanced benefits.

Through its wellness committee, known as SoWell, the employer organizes group activities like sports or games nights, as well as yoga classes, healthy lunches and mindfulness mornings, says Julie Brunet, director of human resources at Big Bang.

The committee is based on employee ideas, she says, because it’s less forced and more focused around what they’d enjoy. “We wanted SoWell to be a platform for employees. We notify everyone, we provide the food and the budget so they’re able to do the activities, but it’s all led by our employees.”

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The organization also introduced an online application for stress management and enhanced its employee wellness accounts, with an increase to $500 a year for anything related to fitness and well-being.

Big Bang also recently received Quebec’s Concilivi certification, which is awarded to organizations that facilitate a proper work-life balance. The company adopted a charter for work-life balance that promotes several generalized practices in its offices in Canada — as well as in Mauritius and Paris, France — including the possibility of remote working, assistance with childcare and a bank of eight paid hours for community involvement.

“We fully share the philosophy on which the certification is based,” says Brunet. “We recognize that everyone has different lifestyles and responsibilities and everyone can perform at their best when their employer promotes a balance between personal and professional life. We allow our employees to choose the best working method for their needs, while taking into account the needs of the organization.”

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