BNP Paribas in Canada’s 2023 Workplace Benefits Awards win is reinforcing the company’s goal of expanding its diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, says Flavie Motte, the financial company’s head of human resources.

The organization’s extensive efforts to embed DEI policies into its business practices led to its win in the DEI program category of the awards.

In 2023, BNP Paribas revamped its talent attraction and retention strategies to diversify its talent pool, embed diversity and inclusion into its management training programs and nurture inclusive leadership through its ‘Leadership for Women’ program.

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“From our neurodiversity hiring program, which creates employment opportunities for neurodivergent professionals, to our numerous partnerships with local associations to acquire talent from under-represented groups . . . we’re committed to fostering an inclusive workplace that reflects the rich diversity of the communities we operate in,” says Motte.

Through its employee resource groups, BNP Paribas rolled out a series of continuous learning programs, events and mentoring sessions where employees learned DEI basics. Motte notes the ERGs play a key role in the implementation of the bank’s DEI objectives and directly help foster a sense of acceptance and community.

Since winning, BNP Paribas has increased its mental-health coverage and introduced new eligible expenses associated with Indigenous health services under its wellness account, including traditional Indigenous healers and medicine and supplies for Indigenous ceremonies.

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“This award has been appreciated and referenced by multiple potential candidates and incoming applicants as an element that attracted them to the bank, as well as by current employees, helping to foster a sense of workplace pride — yet another reason why we’re thrilled to be recognized in this category.”

Motte adds the bank is constantly looking at expanding its benefits and DEI initiatives to ensure it continues to attract and retain top talent in Canada, drive innovation and foster equitable experiences.

“It was an honour to win this award . . . and we’re incredibly proud of our teams’ ongoing efforts to improve and adapt our benefits offerings and DEI strategies. This recognition [reflects] our steadfast commitment to creating a truly inclusive workplace where everyone can be their authentic selves.”

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