Canada ranks No. 39 out of 43 countries for vacation day offering, tied with Costa Rica and Japan, according to a new report by

The report, which analyzed countries’ overall work-life balance, found on average, Canadian employees receive just 10 paid days of vacation per year. By comparison, Austria, Finland, France and Spain all offer an average of 30 days per year.

Luxembourg was ranked the No. 1 country for overall work-life balance, while Slovakia was ranked No. 1 for maternity leave, with an average of 164 weeks of paid leave. Japan and South Korea were tied for No. 1 for paternal leave, at 54 and 52 weeks of paid leave, respectively.

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German employees worked the fewest hours at just 1,349 per year, followed by Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Norway. At the other end of the spectrum, Mexican employees worked almost twice the number of hours as Germans at 2,128 per year.

“In modern culture where many countries work remotely, it can be easy to let your work-life balance stray more to the work side,” said Anthony Fleming, general manager for health insurance at, in a press release. “However, our research shows that living in a country where you have more time to enjoy life moments, from bringing a newborn into the world to having more opportunities to do the things you love, can likely increase your overall happiness.”

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