Cigna is focusing on ‘purposeful presence’ in its return-to-work strategy, amid the ‘Great Resignation’ and employees increasingly choosing roles that align with their values.

The strategy stems from the company’s core belief that performance is based on outcomes instead of physical presence, according to a press release, which noted the approach is applied to all workplace designations, including remote work, hybrid and onsite work.

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“It’s a framework that intentionally builds community, cohesion and a sense of belonging among team members while promoting meaningful collaboration regardless of where employees work,” said Cindy Ryan, chief human resources officer at Cigna, in the release.

While managers will determine when in-person work will drive better outcomes, employees will have autonomy to choose which working arrangement is best for them.

“Autonomy helps us show our employees we see them as people and we are giving them control over their work experience,” said Ryan. “And what we have found is the more people come back to the office on their own terms, the more they want to come back, as long as they find purpose in being there.”

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