Majority of HR professionals want strong internal culture: survey

More than nine in 10 (92 per cent) human resources professionals want their company to create strong internal cultures, according to a new survey by the Next Concept Human Resource Association and Waggl Inc., a technology platform for real-time feedback.

The survey also found 81 per cent of respondents said they believe that if their organization invested in people-focused programs and skills, such as onboarding, performance and employee engagement, they would have a positive impact on revenues and profit margins.

Less than half (45 per cent) of respondents said their organization was using technology to improve employee engagement.

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“Given the volatility of the business climate, it’s not surprising the vast majority of our members want their organizations to create strong internal cultures that are agile and resilient enough to withstand constant change,” said Lisa Hickey, vice-president of professional development for the NCHRA, in a press release.

The survey also asked respondents if they felt employees’ use of social media and gamification platforms could be tools to increase employee engagement. The top response was a belief the tools could be useful but need to be tailored to the company, employee demographics and how responsive employees are to change.

Other common responses were that an online community could improve the work environment and attract potential new employees, and social media use could be positive as long as it wasn’t seen as a nuisance or distraction from job-related tasks.

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