Almost half (46 per cent) of Canadian employees said monetary performance bonuses make them feel most appreciated by an employer, according to a poll done in late February by LHH Knightsbridge.

The second most popular perk employees said makes them feel appreciated is receiving recognition from a superior for their good work at 30 per cent, followed by extra vacation days at 16 per cent and health and wellness benefits at eight per cent.

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“It’s no surprise to us that monetary performance bonuses are still top of mind for individuals as financial well-being and stability has remained priority for Canadians,” said Jim Mitchell, president of LHH Knightsbridge, in a statement.

“Of course, the desire for vacation days has decreased, showing the obvious disinterest in retreats with travel still at a halt. We believe it’s important for employers to understand the changing landscape and recognize the alternative mindset to deliver quality appreciation practices toward their employees.”