Norway, Sweden and Denmark offer the best parental work-life balance, according to a new study by Remote Technology Inc.

The global study assessed the quality of parental work-life balance in 20 nations by analyzing factors like parental leave, annual leave entitlement and childcare costs. It found the Nordic nations had an exceptionally high expenditure on family benefits and education, which contributed to their high ranking.

By comparison, Canada ranked No. 17 while the U.S. took last place at No. 20. The U.S.’s low rank resulted from a lack of statutory leave, high childcare costs and a complex health-care system that often penalizes low-income families, noted the study.

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Overall, European countries were quicker to adopt progressive parental support, accounting for eight out of the top 10 countries for parental work-life balance. France, Germany, Italy and Spain performed well due to a mix of comparatively strong parental and maternity leave packages, reasonable childcare costs, high overall happiness levels and typically government-funded health systems.

The U.K. was ranked No. 11, largely due to high childcare costs. In the U.K., the average monthly cost of full-time childcare for one child is $1,580.29 (£1,239.97), according to the study.

Japan was the only Asian country to rank in the top 10 for having low childcare costs and exceptional public safety, despite the overall working culture often being characterized as one of extreme dedication.

“There is a critical need for employers and decision-makers to recognize the rights of parents in the workplace,” said Barbara Matthews, chief people officer at Remote, in a press release. “Working parents make up a large proportion of the active global workforce, with it being thought they account for 34.52 per cent of the workforce in English-speaking countries. Therefore, quality parental support packages are crucial for attracting and maintaining top talent.”

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