Starbucks Corp. is aiming to tie its executive compensation to diversity targets beginning in 2021.

The move is one of a series of initiatives the coffee chain has pledged to implement in its diversity, equity and inclusion goals and training, which come at a time of social justice unrest in the U.S.

Starbucks has committed to making its current workforce diversity for all its U.S. locations public. It also mandated anti-bias training for executives and pledged that at least 30 per cent of its corporate employees and 40 per cent of its retail and manufacturing workforce are people of colour by 2025.

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“As we discuss inclusion, diversity and equity, we discover time and again that these topics are foundational to our Starbucks’ mission and values,” said Kevin Johnson, chief executive officer of Starbucks, in a letter to employees. “We have a responsibility to build bridges and create environments where all are welcome. Our journey continues as we are guided by intentionality, transparency and accountability.”

The company announced similar measures in Canada; however, tying diversity targets to executive pay is not one of these. Its anti-racism plan was released internally this month.

“Starbucks recognizes that it’s simply not enough to ‘not be racist,’ but instead, the company is focused on being anti-racist,” said Carly Suppa-Clark, spokesperson for Starbucks Coffee Canada. “While linking executive pay to diversity targets in 2021 is a U.S. focus, Starbucks Canada is holding itself and its leaders accountable for achieving anti-racism goals set out for the company.”

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