Phzio Canada has signed an agreement with Benefits by Design Inc. and Green Shield Canada to launch a virtual physiotherapy pilot project.

The partnership will enable BBD’s existing group benefits plan members to access Phzio’s tele-physiotherapy platform, which is available in Canada and the U.S. Green Shield Canada will support BBD in the launch of the project, noted a press release.

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“GSC realizes the role of physical health is growing in importance for employers and employees,” said Peter Gove, innovation leader in health management at Green Shield Canada, in the release. “Musculoskeletal issues have been on our radar for a while . . . . A pilot like this is so important for GSC as it helps us evaluate new virtual services for possible future inclusion in benefits plans.”

Darwin Fogt, chief executive officer at Phzio, said the collaboration breaks down many traditional barriers of time, travel and cost for employees and their families trying to access a physiotherapy professional.