PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada is supporting employees with enhanced family-building benefits.

The enhanced benefits, provided by Sun Life Financial Inc., include coverage for procedures and drugs related to fertility; lab services, testing and other surrogate medical expenses; prenatal fitness classes, vitamins and other expenses related to surrogate wellness; as well as agency fees and other expenses related to the adoption process.

PwC was already offering surrogacy benefits through Sun Life as part of a family benefits pilot program, says Lisa Rosen, benefits, pension and well-being leader at PwC Canada. She notes the company has also enhanced its parental leave top-up for all parents. “A benefit of being part of a pilot is you get to make recommendations on the ground, you get to be part of the program design, which was really exciting.”

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Employee response to the program has been positive, with several workers already making use of these benefits to expand their families, she adds. “It’s very expensive to use a surrogate and can be a stressful process, so having access to the benefits and that financial support can make the difference between families either starting a family or, in some cases, having a second child.”

The enhanced benefits are also supporting PwC’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategies, as well as employee attraction and retention efforts.

“People want to work for a company where their values align,” says Rosen. “Even if [someone doesn’t personally] need assistance to build their family, their colleague across the room might and I think people want to work for an organization where they can look around and feel like everyone has the same opportunity.”

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