The Toronto-Dominion Bank is enhancing its benefits offerings in 2022 with expanded family planning coverage.

The bank’s benefits program is now covering fertility and reproductive treatments and offering support for surrogacy or donor costs and adoption costs, with a $20,000 lifetime maximum for each benefit, says Melanie Burns, TD’s senior vice-president of human resources and talent management.

In addition, TD has expanded its bereavement leave to a maximum of 10 days of leave — including five paid days for employees with three months of service or more — and extending bereavement leave to working parents who are grieving the loss of a pregnancy.

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The new benefits are in line with TD’s increased support for parents during the course of the coronavirus pandemic, says Burns. That support also includes the establishment of a parenting community, through which working parents can communicate and share advice, along with an expanded list of eligible expenses for employee wellness accounts, including daycare and eldercare expenses.

“It can be incredibly isolating during the pandemic and this provides support for parents of kids who are struggling. We’re prioritizing our families during this time and it’s important that we consider that as we’re heading into a new phase of the pandemic. . . . Some leaders have said no meetings at certain times — although depending on the age of your children, a meeting at 9 a.m. might be the best option.

“It’s important for all people managers to understand the individual circumstances that each one of their team members is experiencing.”

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