3M Canada’s two 2021 Workplace Benefits Awards wins are empowering employees to take control of their health and wellness journey, says Jacqueline McLennan, the company’s benefits specialist.

The organization’s revamped, targeted mental-health strategy won the mental-health program award for employers with fewer than 5,000 employees. The strategy built on 3M’s existing mental-health programming and includes a holistic wellness program, a personal goal tracker, access to 20-minute mindfulness sessions, an employee assistance program counsellor, infographics and videos.

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Since winning, 3M has expanded its mental-health offering to include a virtual health platform, which has received positive reviews from employees who’ve taken advantage of the benefit, says McLennan. She notes one employee whose child was diagnosed with autism was impressed with the multitude of articles and tools available for parents with children who are neurodivergent.

3M also took home the health/wellness program award for employers with more than 1,000 employees for its comprehensive wellness program, enabling employees to take positive, preventive action to improve their well-being.

Since last year’s awards, McLennan says managers often reach out to her for demonstrations and tutorials on the mental-health and wellness tools and resources that are available to staff, noting it’s important to remind employees about these programs.

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Last year, 3M moved its EAP to a more user-friendly platform that offers up-to-date information, as well as resources and services that are personalized to individual needs. Use of the platform has since increased, she says, which the organization views as a good thing because it means employees aren’t waiting until they’re in crisis to reach out for help. “Employees want to be re-energized, refreshed, feel well and are putting their health and wellness first.”

In 2021, the company also increased its employees’ wellness points, giving all workers a base amount of wellness dollars without having to complete any of the activities and exercises on the platform. “The organization . . . goes that extra mile and shows employees that we have their backs and that we want them well and feeling refreshed, not just at work, but also at home,” says McLennan.

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