Dexcom Canada’s overall employee wellness and engagement strategy is helping to drive its attraction and retention efforts.

The diabetes management company is using its various wellness initiatives and tools to ensure support for employees’ holistic well-being and inspire engagement, according to Iris Nikolic, its human resources business partner. “Engagement and employee well-being are closely interlinked and function best when both are present. By dedicating efforts to boosting employee engagement and ensuring they have the essential tools and resources to support their own health and well-being, employees are empowered to bring their best selves to work every day and can better serve those living with diabetes.”

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To foster employee engagement, the organization prioritizes ensuring employees feel safe and comfortable, she says. “With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are proud of our wellness initiatives and employee assistance program, which help employees better manage daily stresses and navigate any professional or personal challenges they may experience.”

Dexcom also leverages employee growth and development opportunities, which Nikolic notes is critical to driving engagement. She says the organization prioritizes developing employees and getting them to where they want to be in terms of skill levels and the opportunity to grow their careers with the company for the long term. One such benefit is its education reimbursement program, which provides up to $5,250 to employees who want to accelerate their careers. Company leaders also mentor employees, helping them continue to build on their success and growth within the organization. 

The organization has worked hard over the last few years to build a culture of teamwork and camaraderie among its employees, adds Nikolic, noting its efforts have yielded a collaborative environment and a shared sense of pride and purpose in the company’s mission and vision.

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In addition, Dexcom conducts regular employee pulse surveys to gather employee feedback on important topics like hybrid work and training programs. Over the last few months, it has adopted a hybrid-working arrangement that sees teams coming together in person for collaborative and purposeful work, a move that was well received by its employees, says Nikolic.

“It’s very important for us to find people who will fit within our culture [who] are passionate about what they do,” she adds, noting many of Dexcom’s employees are people with diabetes or who’ve been impacted by a friend or loved one who also lives with the disease, which really fosters a connection to the company mission. “When employees feel pride and purpose in their work, they show up differently, . . . with passion and . . .  as [a] team with one goal.”

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