Amid the ongoing federal election campaign, the Liberal Party is promising to table legislation that would allow employers to request proof of a coronavirus vaccination without fear of a legal challenge.

While few details were provided, the legislation would pertain to vaccination requirements for employees and customers, according to a press release.

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Additionally, the Liberals would introduce a new labour mobility tax credit to allow workers in the construction trade to deduct up to $4,000 in eligible expenses when they travel or temporarily relocate for a job. The party also pledged to double the union training and innovation program to $50 million per year to support more apprenticeship and training opportunities.

The Liberals also plan to extend the recovery hiring program to March 31, 2022 and expand the Canada workers benefit to support one million additional Canadians in low-wage jobs.

The Conservative Party said, if elected, it would double payments under the workers benefit — up to a maximum of $2,800 for individuals or $5,000 for families — and increase the benefit’s disability supplement from $713 to $1,500. These payments would be distributed as a quarterly direct deposit rather than a tax refund, according to a press release.

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Meanwhile, if elected, the New Democratic Party is pledging to immediately implement 10 days of paid sick leave for workers in federally regulated workplaces and to increase access to paid leave through the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit. In addition, the NDP is promising universal childcare for $10 per day, a $20 federal minimum wage, additional protections for pensions and an expanded employment insurance program.

The Bloc Québécois said it would increase access to EI benefits, particularly for self-employed workers, while increasing EI sickness benefits to 50 weeks. The Bloc said it would also increase support for women who lose their jobs following the end of parental leave and would re-table legislation to protect pensions by prioritizing retirees in the event of an employer’s bankruptcy.

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