Canadian employees across all generations value the flexibility and autonomy that remote working provides in their careers, according to a report by Robert Half Canada Inc.

The report, which compiled data from three separate surveys with a total of more than 2,000 respondents, found a quarter (25 per cent) said they’d take a pay cut to work remotely full time, while more than a third said flexibility is a major reason they’d stay in their current job (35 per cent) and is a top consideration when describing their dream job (36 per cent).

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More than half (58 per cent) of millennials said flexibility in when and where they work has a major influence on accepting a job offer and 55 per cent said they want autonomy to make decisions, supplemented by feedback from their manager.

More than two-fifths of generation X workers said they’d quit their jobs to pursue a full-time career as a contract professional or consultant (43 per cent) or a part-time contract or consulting work in addition to a permanent job (42 per cent). Nearly a third (31 per cent) said they’d quit their jobs to find multiple part-time contract or consulting roles or gig work.

Baby boomers were most likely (56 per cent) to say they’d like to see remote and hybrid work evolve to include further prioritization of work-life balance, followed by gen-Xers (50 per cent), gen-Zers (49 per cent) and millennials (46 per cent).

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