While nearly all (96 per cent) Canadian generation Z and millennial employees say they want to work for an employer that encourages workers to share new ideas, only slightly more than half (55 per cent) say their workplace embraces this principle, according to a new survey by the Angus Reid Institute on behalf of Nestle Canada.

The survey, which polled more than 1,100 workers aged 20 to 35, found while 93 per cent said they want to work for an organization that supports quick and flexible decision-making, more than three-quarters (77 per cent) said their current workplace falls short in that regard. Seven in 10 (72 per cent) said they aren’t receiving the level of trust they need from their employer.

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Employees who said they’re unsatisfied with their job and work culture were more likely to say their employer doesn’t want them to share new and bold ideas (84 per cent), their workplace doesn’t support agile decision-making (81 per cent), their employer doesn’t empower them to share ideas (78 per cent) and they aren’t given the level of trust they need by their employer (69 per cent).

“In this constantly changing marketplace, the need for agility and courageous action is greater than ever,” said John Carmichael, president and chief executive officer of Nestle Canada, in a press release. “These attributes aren’t just aspirations for employees — they’re what they expect from their employers and the culture they want to immerse themselves in. Leaders must invest and proactively shape the culture within their companies or they won’t be able to attract and retain the top talent of today and tomorrow.”

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