While 80 per cent of U.S. employers say their company is doing enough to address diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, just 66 per cent of employees agreed, according to a new survey by Employ Inc.

The survey, which polled more than 1,000 employees and more than 500 employers, found the majority (82 per cent) of employers said they have recruiting diversity metrics they’re required to meet. Two-thirds (66 per cent) said they’ve interviewed someone to meet a diversity quota, with male employers (76 per cent) more likely than female employers (50 per cent) to agree with this statement.

While nearly two-thirds (60 per cent) of employees said they think their race, gender or ethnicity was a contributing factor in securing their current position — a percentage that increased among Asian (70 per cent) and Hispanic (71 per cent) respondents — half (50 per cent) said their race, gender or ethnicity has hindered them in their job search.

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The survey also found 75 per cent of employers require DEI training as part of their onboarding experience, while 63 per cent of employees said their company required it. Among employees who’ve completed this training, nearly half (48 per cent) said it felt like checking a box on their company’s diversity goals. Notably, more than half (51 per cent) of employers and 46 per cent of employees said their organization has an issue with discrimination or bias in the workplace.

A majority of employers said they offer inclusive benefits and workplace policies, including flexible hours (88 per cent), pay transparency (70 per cent), gender-neutral paid family leave (69 per cent), floating holidays (68 per cent), travel and/or legal expenses for employees traveling to another state for an abortion (60 per cent) and childcare assistance programs (56 per cent).

Employers said they also support DEI with measures such as providing educational resources (83 per cent), social media posts (77 per cent), recognizing employees through programs such as team lunches (74 per cent), charitable donations (69 per cent) and paid time off for volunteering (66 per cent).

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