The majority of U.S. employers say recruiting talent (67 per cent) and retaining talent (64 per cent) are their top priorities, according to a new survey by CBIZ Inc.

The survey, which polled more than 850 U.S. employers, found the next most important priority was controlling employee medical costs (49 per cent), with these cost-containment strategies including reference-based pricing, alternative funding arrangements and enhanced use of telemedicine.

Nearly two-thirds (62 per cent) of respondents said they’re looking to attract and retain high-performing employees, in part, by offering a comprehensive benefits program that includes a well-being component. The majority (82 per cent) said they’re also including options for virtual behavioural health consultations.

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The majority (80 per cent) of respondents said they offer mental-health resources through an employee assistance program, while 68 per cent said they provide counselling through their medical plans. Among employers that don’t offer mental-health resources through their plans, 35 per cent said they’re open to considering options, surpassing consideration of other offerings like weight management (18.7 per cent) and financial well-being (14.7 per cent).

“Employers continue to show an eagerness for recruiting the best and the brightest talent and to identify and retain those employees who have the best growth trajectory,” said Jay Meschke, president of CBIZ talent and compensation solutions, in a press release. “Since 2020, employers have had to respond quickly to drastic shifts in social and economic conditions and this year will be no different.”

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